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this ... is your brain

this is your BRAIN on SKA

21 September
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An optimist in the greatest sense of the word. A ska kid. A happy person. A friend to everyone. A dancer. A lover. A smile when you need one. Constant laughs.

Yeah. :D
all sewn up, art, audrey hepburn, bathtub scenes, beach, betsey johnson, biting lips, black eyeliner, bob marley, boston, bright eyes, buddhism, buju banton, california, cassie, checkers, chuck close, city life, clothes, comedy, concerts, cookies, creativity, cuddling, dancehall, dancing, dane cook, dave matthews band, deny-me-and-be-doomed, desmond dekker, dr. ring ding, drawing, dreaming, explodingdog.com, ferris beuller's day off, fight club, food, free things, friends, fun parties, good concerts, gummy bears, guys, gwen stefani, hair, happiness, hedwig, hepcat, hip-hop, hot showers, hugs, immortal love, individuality, jamaica, jimmy cliff, john cameron mitchell, jon stewart, juice, king django, kissing, laughing, lee "scratch" perry, local shows, lollipops, long walks, love, make-up, making out, marijuana, mascara, meeting new people, modest mouse, movies, musicals, mustard plug, nailpolish, no doubt, old clothes, operation ivy, optimism, outkast, painting, philadelphia, philly, pink, pizza, prismacolor pencils, rainy days, ramen, rastafarians, reading, reggae, retro, rice krispy treats, river city rebels, rocksteady, rolling stones, salvadore dali, self expression, sensuality, sex, sgr, shaggy hair, shopping, ska, skankin' it up, slc punk, sleeping, smoke, south street, starbucks, stars, stephen trask, storms, sublime, sugar packets, surrealism, taco bell, talking, the blood brothers, the doors, the mall, the origin of love, the pietasters, the slackers, the trocadero, thrift stores, tommy gnosis, toots & the maytals, touching, traditional ska, trainspotting, van halen, westbound train